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It's Hump Day! Sam speaks with Michelle Eisen, organizing member of Starbucks Workers United (SWU), to discuss the breaking news that Starbucks may be willing to return to the negotiating table with SWU. Then, Sam is joined by Melissa Gira Grant, staff writer at the New Republic, to discuss her recent reporting on Project 2025. First, Sam runs through updates on the tremendous showing of the “Uncommitted” vote in Michigan’s Democratic Primary, an imminent government shutdown, US’ commitment to begin to start working on trying to get Israel compliant with international law soon maybe, IVF legislation, UAW expansion, Arizona fascism, anti-trust action, the impotency of the New York Democratic machine, climate change, and Nepo babies Hunter Biden and Lara Trump, before diving into CNN’s coverage of Michigan’s “Uncommitted” vote, attempting to downplay and obscure the political movement behind it. SWU’s Michelle Eisen then joins, reflecting on the major developments in their unionization drive in the 11 months since her last MR appearance, including Starbucks’ contract stonewalling and active discrimination against union stores and workers. Next, Eisen looks to the role of Starbucks’ recent trademark lawsuit and the union’s countersuit in pushing Starbucks to come back to the table with the union and attempt to prove good faith after years of union-busting, and granting backpay and other benefits provided to the union. Wrapping up, Michelle and Sam tackle the central role workers will play in these negotiations moving forward, and where the timeline for the reparations currently stands. After briefly touching on Mitch McConnell’s announced resignation from Senate leadership, Sam is joined by Melissa Gira Grant who jumps right into what “Project 2025” is, an agenda blueprint provided by the far-right Heritage Foundation and supported by some hundred other groups that outlines their plan for a fascist transition in the case of a GOP victory in 2024. After briefly stepping back to look and where this project came from, and the particular role that Donald Trump plays in it, Grant walks Sam through the specifics of the project, centering around this idea of enshrining the family (more specifically the heterosexual nuclear family) at the core of policies to undermine same-sex marriage, trans rights, the DOE, social programs writ large, and generally gut the 14th amendment’s right to privacy when it comes to sexual and gender identity. After briefly touching on the role of the 1873 Comstock Act as central to the Heritage Foundation’s plan, Grant tackles Project 2025’s major goals of removing all mention of reproductive rights and abortion from US government policy, and punishing any governmental or public organizations that do not comply with their myriad fascist changes. Wrapping up, Melissa and Sam discuss the ideological focus of the project’s recruitment methods, and why their numbers are falling well short of their vision as the election draws closer.

And in the Fun Half: Sam talks with Nick from Michigan and Matt from Ann Arbor, respectively, about the “Uncommitted” vote in yesterday’s primary, then Dave Rubin calls in to attempt to hash things out with Sam as they tackle the necessity of wealth inequality and the attack on IVF before things take a turn for the personal. The MR Team also covers the fallout of James Comer’s central witness to the Biden Impeachment getting exposed as a Russian asset, Hemet from Canada calls in to touch on Canada’s growing xenophobia, and Joe Rogan and Kid Rock go back and forth between whether genocide is productive or not, while Dr. Phill and Rogan come to agreement on the wonders of wealth inequality, plus, your calls and IMs!

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