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It's News Day Tuesday! But later in the program Sam and Emma speak with Ofer Cassif, member of the Israeli Knesset representing the Hadash coalition, to discuss the recent failed effort to expel him for Israeli parliament due to his support of the case against Israel that South Africa has brought in front of the International Court of Justice (ICJ). First, Sam and Emma react to Shawn Fain's interview with CBS's Robert Costa, where, despite Costa's surprise at Fain's appearance and mild-mannered nature, Fain makes clear that he doesn't believe billionaires should exist and that class warfare has existed for 40 years. They then dive into today's Michigan presidential primary and the burgeoning effort to vote "Uncommitted" instead of for President Biden, and what kind of numbers the "Uncommitted" effort could generate to instill real fear in the Biden campaign. Then, they touch on the FTC responding to the proposed Kroger-Albertson's merger, and how, under the leadership of Chair Lina Khan, the interests of workers has come front and center when it comes to potentially unfair mergers that could stifle competition and better wages. After that, they discuss the continued fallout from the Alabama Supreme Court ruling on IVF, and Illinois Sen. Tammy Duckworth's decision to ask for unanimous consent for her legislation that would enshrine federal protections for IVF and other treatments. And finally, the MR Crew react to President Biden's appearance on Seth Meyers, where he predicted a negotiated ceasefire would be coming soon, while also reminding viewers that he is a proud Zionist, even referencing his favorite person to reminisce about, Golda Meir. Ofer Cassif then joins the program to discuss the details surrounding the failed attempt to expel him from the Knesset, the attitudes towards Israel's offensive in Gaza among the broader Israeli public, what, if any investigations into the violence on Oct. 7th are underway regarding potential further implication of IDF soldiers in some of the violence that took place, and how the "judicial reform" efforts of pre-Oct. 7th by Netanyahu and Likud both precipitated current attitudes towards the Israeli offensive and against the people of Gaza. Cassif emphasizes that empathy and support for victims of Oct. 7th at the hands of Hamas doesn't obviate empathy and support for victims in Gaza at the hand of Israeli forces, and highlights how ruthless some of the reactions have been towards families of Israeli hostages who are calling for an extended ceasefire so that their family members can have a chance at safe passage home to Israel, that is to say if they're still alive.

Later, Sam and Emma react to journalists Yuval Abraham and (friend of the show) Basel Adra accepting an award for their documentary at a Berlin film festival, and highlighting the inequities of Israeli society. This, of course, was deemed "anti-semitic" by the mayor of Berlin and Israeli news channels. Closer to home, they take a look at Barnard College outlawing decorations on dorm doors due to similarly spurious charges of "anti-semitism" (this time in the form of a lawsuit by a group of students. The MR Crew then check in on the festivities of CPAC this past weekend, where Megyn Kelly looks on the bright side of anti-semitism on college campuses, and Stephen Miller outlines in gratuitous detail what a 2025 Trump immigration (read: deportation) agenda would really look like. Plus, your calls & IM's!

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