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Happy Monday! Sam is BACK from vacation! He and Emma speak with Ganesh Sitaraman, law professor at Vanderbilt University, to discuss his recent book Why Flying Is Miserable: And How To Fix It. First, Sam and Emma touch on how former President Trump's 2024 campaign is going after handily defeating Nikki Haley in South Carolina on Saturday, and what he is choosing to focus on in order to win back skeptical independent women voters in the suburbs: by, as he does to Fox's Bret Baier, re-litigating the 2020 election of course! They then reflect upon how Trump won't actually need that support because, as he said at a gathering of black conservatives in South Carolina this weekend, black people will vote for him because they know what it's like to be indicted and charged with crimes. After that, Sam and Emma talk to Ganesh and discuss how the system for airlines that began in the 1930's in the U.S. came about, and how it differed and was similar to other public entities like the U.S. Post Office. Ganesh expands upon how Congress struggled with implementation of the airline industry and whether over or under-regulating the industry would lead to too much or not enough competition. Sam asks Ganesh if, as per the Constitution in how it enumerates capabilities for the Post Office, whether lawmakers could have invoked that authority in the Constitution to reflect on air travel, a "Post Office of the skies" if you will. Later, Ganesh gets into how airports and ticket pricing factored into the development of U.S. air travel, and how quality of travel precipitously declined after deregulation took effect on the industry in the late 1970's. This then led to, in the 1980's, many mergers and bankruptcies in the sector, and a return to how the industry was constructed in the 1930's, only without any robust regulations to guardrail anything. Ganesh makes the case for a "public option" for airlines to reinstate some competition as well as to discourage any future bailouts of the industry, as well as why he believes in that option more than re-regulating the industry entirely.

And in the Fun Half, Sam and Emma discuss congressional Republicans and presidential campaigners running away from Alabama's IVF decision, with Florida Rep. Byron Donalds ensuring that he supports IVF for the purpose of "breeding great families," as well as Trump spokesperson Karoline Leavitt refusing to answer whether Trump actually cares about IVF or not (she doesn't know). James Comer tells NewsMax's Rob Schmitt about the "micro piece" (pause) that is now-disgraced FBI informant Alexander Smirnov's testimony about the Biden's dealings in Ukraine, Joe Rogan and Dr. Phil freak out about the NYPD city dancers, and the MR Crew turns to where Joe Rogan, really, goes for his research: Bret Weinstein & Tucker Carlson, solemnly talking about the dissolution of "the West." Plus, your calls & IM's!

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