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It's Casual Friday! Emma speaks with Krystal Ball, host of Breaking Points, to round up the week in news. Then, she is joined by actress and comedian Amanda Seales!

First, Emma runs through updates on Israel’s flattening of Gaza, Israel’s murder of children in the West Bank, US intelligence undermining UNRWA involvement in October 7th, the hope of a ceasefire, and new Russia sanctions, before watching Tommy Tuberville’s confused support for Alabama’s IVF-ban. Krystal Ball then joins, diving right into the recent State Supreme Court decision out of Alabama officially establishing embryos as children and effectively outlawing IVF treatment, exploring the Chief Justice’s insane Biblical defense, how it gives away the game on the right’s end goals with reproductive constrictions, and what it means for reproductive care in Alabama moving forward. Next, Ball and Emma parse through the recent mainstream media coverage of Biden’s age issues and their attempt to convince us of his totally real behind-the-scenes spryness, tackling the role it plays heading into the presidential election, and what to make of the question of voting between someone facilitating a genocide, and someone who definitely would also facilitate a genocide, before briefly assessing the (however slim) possibility of a Kamala Harris candidacy. They then touch on recent news about US intelligence downplaying Israeli evidence of UNRWA participation on October 7th, and what to make of the US’ active facilitation of this genocide in the face of their own intelligence and mass public objection, then wrapping up the interview by touching con Krystal’s recent coverage of Julian Assange’s extradition trial. Amanda Seales then walks through her own experience awakening to the US and Israel’s occupation of Palestine, exploring the relationship as one of the final pillars of US imperialism, mythology, and exceptionalism. Next, they touch on the relationship between Zionism and White Supremacy, with help from anti-immigrant protesters in Tel Aviv, before relating it to the domestic politics in the US and the solidarity between communities marginalized by American Empire.

And in the Fun Half: Emma watches Alabama’s fundamentalist Chief Justice walk through his insane worldview, Rep. Andy Ogles calls for the murder of all Gazan children, and an AI scam in the New Hampshire Democratic Primary comes to light. Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary mourns the sanctity of NYC real estate investors after Trump is punished for mere fraud, plus, your IMs!

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