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It's News Day Tuesday! But first, Sam speaks with Diana Buttu, Palestinian analyst and former legal advisor to the Palestine Liberation Organization, to discuss the International Court of Justice (ICJ)'s recent ruling in the case South Africa brought against Israel. First, Sam runs through updates on US-Israeli military action in the Middle East, the House GOP, US weapons exports, US labor action, Donald Trump, and French farmers, before admiring Florida Rep. Salazar’s poor politicking and walking through the insanity of the West revoking aid for UNRWA in the wake of the International Court of Justice’s ruling against Israel. Diana Buttu then dives into the ICJ’s recent ruling in South Africa’s genocide case against Israel over their war on Gaza, walking through the decision itself, the makeup of the justices, and why the near-unanimity in their decision is completely unsurprising considering South Africa’s overwhelming evidence, also touching on why the ICJ’s ruling is about as close to a ceasefire charge as we could’ve asked for. After walking Sam through the actual working definition of genocide, and the importance of the third-party obligations under the Genocide Convention and ICJ, Buttu assesses the active culpability of the West in Israel’s genocide, furthered by the recent revoking of funding for UNRWA. Wrapping up, they work through Israel’s response to the ICJ ruling, whether they’ll follow the decision, and what to make of much of the Israeli populace’s uncritical support for the ethnic cleansing of Gaza.

And in the Fun Half: Sam takes in some great Hip-Hop recommendations from the NYT’s The Daily, the Five and OAN conspire about the Taylor Swift psyop, and Tim Pool cannot STAND people doubting Trump’s anti-vax Bona Fides. The MR Crew also watches another Climate Defiance action and talks with Travis from Birmingham about the greater context of a vote for president, Ricky from San Diego dives into Biden’s support for genocide, and Penn Jillette pulls a good take out of his hat. Terrance from Laguna Beach discusses getting involved in pro-Palestinian organizing, plus, your calls and IMs!

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