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It's News Day Tuesday! The MR Crew is back from the long weekend! They speak with Dave Weigel, author of the "Americana" newsletter at Semafor, to break down the results from last night's Iowa Republican Caucus.

 First, Sam runs through updates on the expanding conflict in the Middle East, the massive pro-Palestine demonstrations across the globe this weekend, Israel’s ongoing assault on Gaza, Biden’s reelection campaign, congressional policy, and Texas’ expanding domination over US border policy, plus, Vivek is cake, and Ron DeSantis is humiliated coming out of the Iowa caucus. Dave Weigel then joins, jumping right into his experience at yesterday’s Iowa caucus and how the media presented Donald Trump’s decisive win. Weigel then looks to second place, as he walks through what the Iowa results mean for Ron DeSantis’ continuing struggle, voter turnout, and what the small gap between DeSantis and Nikki Haley in third shows about the right’s general lackluster feel for non-Trump candidates. Expanding on this, Dave and Sam preview the upcoming New Hampshire primary, looking at the vast differences between the two electorates, the importance of the race as an inevitable Haley home loss looms in the next primary, and how the Democrats are organizing around it. Next, they discuss Biden’s complete capitulation to a dwindling GOP majority in the House on Immigration, why it will do nothing to win him any votes, and everything to let Republicans define the debate, before wrapping up with how Biden’s support for Israel is dampening the minimal excitement for his campaign that exists. Sam expands on this as he parses through Texas’ recent move to block Border Patrol from rescuing migrants crossing the Rio Grande, resulting in the death of a mother and two kids, before touching on the regionalization of Israel’s war on Gaza, and the Biden Administration’s insistence on maintaining the obvious Kabuki theater around pressuring Israel to not do a genocide.

And in the Fun Half: Sam explores recent polling on US citizens’ preference between a functioning democracy and an economy, a caller asks about swaying his pro-Israel parents, and thought-leaders Tommy Tuberville and Larry Kudlow discuss the hoax of Climate Change, which is a very real threat from China. Christian from Grand Rapids discusses mobilizing for electoral issues, Matt Walsh talks about the absurdity of scientists being able to do science, the Sunrise movement meets Donald Trump, and Marty from the Amish Country walks through his experience at this weekend’s march for Palestine in DC and his thoughts on the Cop City-IDF connection. Kowalski from Nebraska dives into the unprecedented horrors of Climate Change, plus, your calls and IMs!

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