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It's the first News Day Tuesday of 2024! The MR Crew is back to catch up on the biggest headlines of the last week. First, Sam and Emma run through updates on Israel’s continuing siege on Gaza, the Israeli government’s open admittance of ethnic cleansing, Biden’s bypassing of Congress in weapons sales to Israel, Biden’s low polling numbers, Donald Trump’s appeal of Colorado’s ballot ban, Kathy Hochul’s veto, the Epstein docs, NLRB rulings, and 2023’s dropping homicide rates, before tackling Trump’s fascist agenda and watching Fox’s take on the GOP nomination if Trump is indicted. After briefly running through the escalation of Israel’s war on Gaza to a regional conflict, they watch Nikki Haley attempt to toe the line between being an overt racist and insinuating the Civil War was about slavery, and Steve Bannon and Jack Posobiac tackle why the far-right won’t ever accept her (she’s a woman). Next, they parse through Biden’s incredibly poor polling numbers heading into 2024, what that means heading into the election, and why an electorally-focused agenda would focus more on economic policy rather than funding a genocide, before parsing through Israeli officials’ recent statements highlighting their overt policy of ethnic cleansing. Wrapping up, the MR team tackles the repressive media bubble inside Israel, the genocidal perspective of the Israeli public, and highlights the recent arrest of Tal Mitnick over his refusal to serve Israel’s genocidal regime.

And in the Fun Half: Sam and Emma watch Seth MacFarlane calmly parse through Bill Maher’s insane anti-vax rhetoric, Scott from Denver dives into voting for Marianne, and Karima, a Palestinian-American from Chicago, parses through the deep despair among the Palestinian diaspora and the devastating developments in Israel’s apartheid rule over the West Bank. Johnny from Melbourne dives into the Murdoch legacy, plus, your calls and IMs!

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