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It's Casual Friday and the LAST LIVE MAJORITY REPORT OF 2023! Sam and Emma are joined by Heather Digby Parton, contributing writer at and proprietor of the blog Hullabaloo, to round up the week in news and to preview what's to come in 2024. First, Sam and Emma react to another call from Republicans, this time from Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene on NewsMax, to mull the idea of removing Biden from the presidential ballot in red states due to...treason based off of Biden's border policies and Biden's risk of getting impeached (sound familiar?). Then, Digby joins the program and the MR Crew discuss what a crazy year 2023 has been, with the sheer volume and intensity of news stories (can you believe the East Palestine accident was THIS calendar year?) They then discuss the state of the economy and Biden's 2024 prospects, as Digby attempts to inject some "hopium" into the doom-and-gloom discussions surrounding whether Biden at this point might be an underdog to Trump in their hypothetical 2024 contest. They also discuss the impotence of House Republicans, as well as the looming theocratic threat of Speaker Mike Johnson.

And, in the Fun Half, Sam, Emma, and Bradley discuss Laura Ingraham's latest crackpot conspiracy theory that Democrats bringing up Trump's Hitlerian rhetoric is part of a larger push to institute universal mail-in voting, Jesse Watters & Stephen Miller's continued efforts to mainstream the Great Replacement Theory as a matter of official GOP policy, as well as Tennessee Rep. Tim Burchett continuing to hint that yes, some House Republicans are being blackmailed to switch votes. They then touch on the truly important work that Joe Rogan Experience producer Jamie does in fact checking Rogan when he says completely false and misguided things on his very lucrative podcast, including attributing a quote to President Biden that was, you guessed it, Biden quoting Trump. They end the year by checking in on Tim Pool speaking with Marianne Williamson, and not-so-convincingly pretending like he's forgotten who Emma was, only 6 months after she was offered a tour, sushi, and poker with the boys. Plus, your calls & IM's!

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