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It's Hump Day! Sam speaks with Ari Tolany, research consultant for Women for Weapons Trade Transparency, to discuss her recent piece that she co-authored in In These Times entitled "How Israel Got an Endless Supply of U.S.-Made Smart Bombs." Then, Sam speaks with Andi Dymond, member of the contract bargaining team for the Columbia College Chicago Faculty Union, to discuss the ongoing strike of adjunct professors, active since October 30th.  First, Sam runs through updates on the Supreme Court’s mifepristone battle, dwindling support for Israel’s offensive, New Mexico, Florida, and NY state law, Alabama prison lawsuit, Microsoft’s union push, and Tesla’s massive recall, before diving into Hunter Biden’s arrival on Capitol Hill. Ari Tolany then jumps right into the recent report on Israel’s near free-rein use of US missile stockpiles, first exploring the Regan-era establishment of these international stockpiles, and the materials the stockpile contains, before parsing through the opening up of these munitions to the Israeli military, the prevalence of their use in Israel’s ethnic cleansing of Gaza, and the ongoing attempt to make the munitions even more open to IDF use. Next, Tolany walks Sam through the particular proliferation of Precision Guided Missiles in these overseas stockpiles, and the contradictory nature of why these missiles are manufactured (reducing collateral damage) and how they have been used by US allies – namely Saudi Arabia and Israel – before wrapping up with a brief conversation on the importance of international investigation in actually holding the US accountable for their bombs. Professor Andi Dymond then joins, as she brings Sam through the major factors spurring the CCC Adjunct faculty’s ongoing strike – with a particular emphasis on the mass cutting of classes by the institution as well as myriad unfair labor practices – and why they are so hurting the Columbia College community. Wrapping up, Dymond tackles the current state of the strike, and what those of us on the outside can do to help.

And in the Fun Half: Sam watching James Comer (and his impeachment attempt) find refuge at Newsmax, parses through the insanity of a half-century of privatizing municipal functions – including water – and assesses the newest set of Trump trading cards. He and the MR Team also cover Joe Rogan’s recent anti-communist tirade, and the unsurprising staunch elitism that trickles out, plus, your calls and IMs!

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