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It's Casual Friday! Sam speaks with David Dayen, executive editor at the American Prospect, to round up the week in news. Then, Sam speaks with Shunte Sanders Beasley, former vice president of UAW Local 869 and worker at the Stellantis Stamping Plant in Warren, Michigan to discuss the UAW strike against the Big 3 automakers that started today. First, Sam runs through updates on US labor action, the impending government shutdown, Trump’s fraud trial, Hunter Biden’s indictment, COVID boosters, student loan debt, and a new old EPA ruling, before diving into Shawn Fain’s exceptional leadership as the UAW launches a strike against the big three auto manufacturers. David Dayen then joins, as he and Sam parse a little deeper through the UAW’s ongoing negotiations with the “Big Three,” how Shawn Fain more than lived up to his union president platform, and Biden’s perspective on record profits meaning record contracts. Expanding on this, Dayen and Sam then expand on the state of labor in the US, exploring why CEOs from GM to Hollywood keep making themselves out to be ghouls (accurate), the role of the NLRB and its recent CEMEX ruling, and how the negotiation process can still be shored up. Next, David dives into the DOJ’s ongoing case against Google as the conversation moves to anti-trust, before they assess rising poverty (and child poverty) rates with the US sunsetting countless welfare programs. Shunte Sanders-Beasley then dives right into the breadth of the UAW’s ongoing labor action, with her local plant standing at the ready to strike, and the solidarity nationwide as auto workers refuse to back down after a decade-and-a-half of severe exploitation. Wrapping up, Sanders-Beasley explores the incredible role played by union leadership in fighting for the workforce as a whole, and what external support for the UAW can and should look like.

And in the Fun Half: Sam talks with Jackie from CT about the various obstructions to Biden’s student loan forgiveness (and how the CFPB can help), DeSantis continues his anti-vax crusade as Trump tiptoes between taking credit for the success and shirking responsibility for the failures of early COVID policy. Dan from Oceanside discusses his beautiful dream for the postal union, Lauren Boebert gets caught being a horrible person (likely thing for her to be), Matt Gaetz goes for McCarthy’s throat, and Robin from South Florida reflects on the inspiration that is Hot Labor Summer, plus, your calls and IMs!

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