The Majority Report with Sam Seder
It’s News Day Tuesday! Sam and Emma run through updates on the GOP’s Government shutdown, Alabama’s racial gerrymander, Trump’s Co-Defendants, Texas’ crackdown on free will, Ken Paxton’s potential impeachment, and the Georgia DA’s indictment of 61 ‘Cop City’ protestors on RICO charges, before diving into the UAW’s upcoming labor action just nine days ahead of a potential strike, and other elements of Hot Labor fall. John from San Antonio then joins as he walks Sam and Emma through Rhode Island’s upcoming special election, tackling the major players in the Democratic primary, who got whose endorsements, why Aaron Regunberg is the progressive choice, and what we can expect from today’s primary. Sam and Emma also dive into Texas towns’ ongoing fascist attack against the free travel of abortion-seekers, and assess Obamacare’s genuinely positive impact on healthcare price inflation.

And in the Fun Half: Saul joins to expose his dad once again. Bill Maher is not here for Hot Labor Summer, a call from Jesse Singal, and more!

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