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It's Casual Friday! Sam and Emma chat with Ryan Grim, DC Bureau Chief at The Intercept, to round up the week in news. Then, they're joined by Matthew Film Guy! First, Sam and Emma run through updates on Donald Trump’s myriad upcoming legal cases, more labor action in film and theatre, UPS pilots standing with UPS Teamsters, fascist witch hunts and legislation, and the least surprising Crowder revelations, before they parse through a debunking of RFK’s recent appearance on the GOP’s “Weaponization of Federal Government” committee. Ryan Grim then joins as he walks Sam and Emma through his perspective on an encounter with Jesse Watters he had at the 2016 White House correspondent’s dinner over Watters’ ambush journalism, and why he remains unrepentant. Next, they dive into the recent Congressional drama over the US’ relationship with the Israeli apartheid state, as Grim dives into the boycott of Israeli President Isaac Herzog's recent appearance, Rep. Jayapal’s statements on the racism of Israel, and the ultimate vote House to rebuke these anti-Israel statements, before they reflect on the impact DMFI and AIPAC have had over the last few election cycles, particularly in how they’ve sought to undermine and buy-out progressive and pro-Palestine candidates. After briefly touching on updates to Donald Trump’s various legal battles, Ryan, Emma, and Sam wrap up by discussing recent revelations around the COVID “Lab Leak” theory, the GOP’s recent leak of their own, the partisanship around the theory – and bipartisanship around China hawkery – and what the lack of evidence for a lab-origin means for debate. Matthew Film Guy then joins as he unpacks his complex feelings for the upcoming “Barbie” movie, why brand affiliation is the wrong way for movies to go, why the Left™ needs to learn to enjoy things, and gives his recs of “How to with John Wilson” and Nina Menkes’ “Queen of Diamonds.”

And in the Fun Half: Sam and Emma discuss RFK Jr’s history as an anti-vaxxer, and new education policy in Florida dedicating classrooms as safe spaces… for white students. Jesse Watters and Ron DeSantis rail against Bud Light, and Sam and Emma dive deep into the most recent Crowder exposé, plus, your calls and IMs!

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