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It's Hump Day! Sam speaks to Mila Wade, a Louisville area Starbucks worker, who participated in recent store shutdowns in conjunction with workers at Sunergos Coffee.  Then, they are joined by Guardian environmental reporter Oliver Milman to discuss his recent piece "'Double Agents: Fossil-Fuel Lobbyists Work for US Groups Trying to Fight Climate Crisis." First, Sam runs through updates on the slow walking of Trump’s stolen documents case, Russian attacks on Odessa grain infrastructure, Rudy’s potential flip, protests in Israel, Atlanta City Council sabotaging an upcoming Cop City referendum, and US relations to Israel, diving into Rashida Tlaib’s intense (and accurate) comments on Congress’ refusal to acknowledge Israeli apartheid. Mila Wade then dives right into the recent labor action across the Louisville-Clarkson area that shut down all Starbucks and Sunergos coffee shops in the cities, tackling the ongoing unionization process that the various Starbucks shops are undergoing, and the myriad ways in which Starbucks, despite successful unionization votes, is seeking to undermine and discourage the bargaining process. After expanding on the joint action between Starbucks and Sunergos employees, Wade and Sam discuss the importance of growing labor consciousness among our younger generations, particularly in sparking inspiration and connections among those with limited access to labor organizing, before wrapping up with the future of the labor fight, and what those of us on the outside can do to help. Oliver Milman then walks through the myriad ongoing climate emergencies across the US and the globe, as he discusses the proliferation of oil and gas lobbyists working on BOTH sides of the fight, whether that be environmental organizations, museums, tech companies, or local governments, all supposedly “pushing back,” while effectively funneling information directly back to those they’re fighting against. Wrapping up, Milman and Sam parse through the other moral and tactical conflicts of interest that arise from the fossil-fuel double agents, and the various absurdities that come from using the tools of capitalism to fight an effect of capitalism.

And in the Fun Half: Sam watches RFK plunge even deeper into the far-right libertarian trend of reactionary fear-mongering, Jake Tapper becomes the most recent media member to ask Ron DeSantis why he’s sucking to his face, and Marjorie Taylor Greene happily steps into her new post as Biden’s PR rep. Todd from Raleigh reflects on the absurd lionization of the Unabomber, Jacob from Alabama dives into the state’s attempt to avoid redistricting (and what may come from it), and David from Wyoming dives into the US’ continuing attacks on unhoused folks. Vic from Ventury walks through safety vs. surveillance tactics when it comes to dashcams, and Ben Shapiro levels another hearty media critique against a… Disney casting choice, plus, your calls and IMs!

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