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It's Casual Friday! And Sam's BACK from vacation! He and Emma talk to David Dayen, executive editor at the American Prospect to round up the week in news. First, Sam and Emma run through this week’s headlines, including the impact of the Fed’s continuing impact on workers, US funding for Ukraine, three straight days of global heat records, Lula’s impact on Amazon deforestation, and labor action, before Sam parses through his recent trip to Monticello. David Dayen then joins as he starts by peppering Sam with questions about his work with RFK as well as Kennedy’s political evolution over the last two decades, before the conversation shifts to Dayen’s recent article on the economic theory of government spending “crowding out” private business. David parses through what this economic theory entails, how it has become baked into any US policy, with any public spending requiring equivalent support for private businesses, and why the incredible success of the IRA and CHIPS act should absolutely be challenging this and the role direct public investment can play in the economy. Continuing, David, Sam, and Emma tackle the material impact a change in our economic philosophy could have, and what a return to big government could mean. After a quick discussion on the continuing inflation misinformation, they wrap up the interview by assessing the Biden administration’s pivot to the Higher Education Act for Student loan forgiveness.

And in the Fun Half: Sam and Emma watch Fox and Friends try to shift recent job growth to be demonstrative of… the failure of Biden’s government, Ron DeSantis gets hit with “Why don’t people like you?” by a Fox host, and Ben Shapiro, notorious theocrat, tries to make out queer identity to be a “belief system” thus not a protected identity. NC Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson does apologia for the Moms for Liberty, and Greg Gutfeld talks violent crime, like detergent theft, plus, your calls and IMs!

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