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It's Hump Day! Emma hosts Mike German, fellow at The Brennan Center for Justice, to discuss a recent interview he did with Mireya Navarro, the editor-in-chief of Brennan en Espanol, entitled "Why White Supremacist Groups Attract Latinos to Their Ranks." Then Emma is joined by Matt Ford, staff writer at The New Republic, to discuss his recent piece entitled "Clarence Thomas Wants to Demolish Indian Law." First Emma runs through the day’s headlines, including Trump claiming “ego” instead of “insanity,” updates on Prigozhin’s mutiny, more wildfire disasters, trans rights, and Yusef Salaam’s entrance into the New York City Council, also diving into Laura Ingraham’s ridiculous coverage on what’s fringe and what’s not. Michael German then joins, diving right into his history as an FBI agent infiltrating White supremacist groups, exploring how these groups function and extend their reach beyond other explicitly white folks, provided they align with their ethnonationalist beliefs. After tackling the particular role of Hispanic ethnicity within white supremacist communities, German wraps up the interview by assessing the greater attempts by these groups to polish their public appearance both to draw in members and avoid the typical “domestic terrorist” image. Matt Ford then walks through the Supreme Court’s recent Moore v. Harper decision rejecting the fringe “Independent State Legislature” theory, and why, despite it not being the perfect outcome, we should be thankful it wasn’t worse. He and Emma then tackle Gorsuch’s staunch defense of native sovereignty, exploring where he grounds his stance, why his conservative colleagues don’t align with him, and how the votes might fall in upcoming cases on native sovereignty. After assessing the Supreme Court’s impending affirmative action cases and why an overturn is all but expected, Ford dives into the constitutional attack on marriage equality, and wraps up with an exploration of the absurd arguments (that might work) about the unconstitutionality of a wealth tax.

And in the Fun Half: Emma talks with Jason from Ft. Worth on the right’s bad-faith manipulation of academic studies – as shown by Tim Pool – before she and the crew dive into her discussion with Tim on his undermining of a 10-year-old rape victim’s story, and talk with Matt from Oregon on the horrific real-world implications of fascist reproductive viewpoints. They also explore Mikhaila Peterson’s grappling with her father’s violent misogyny, Greg Gutfeld’s undermining of his own transphobic stances, and Trump’s “bravado” defense, plus, your calls and IMs!

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