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It's News Day Tuesday! Sam and Emma break down the biggest headlines of the day. First, they run through headlines on the Supreme Court’s recent decision in Harper v. Moore, as well as cases on wealth tax and statute of limitations in sexual abuse cases (sorry Jim Jordan!), the US Government’s intel failures leading up to January 6th, Prigozhin’s makeup with Putin, the repercussions of fascist abortion policy, and Delaware’s bill on giving corporations the right to vote. Sam and Emma then dive into the recently released tapes of Donald Trump very explicitly discussing his mishandling of classified documents, walking through the contents of the tape itself, and how it might impact Trump’s candidacy moving forwards. Next, they look to the Supreme Court, as they break down their surprising rejection of the Independent State Legislature theory, and reflect on Jim Jordan’s history in institutions of pedophilia as a new Supreme Court case potentially puts him back in the spotlight. Wrapping up the free half, they look to the recent report on the extreme unlikelihood of the Wuhan Lab Leak theory on the origins of COVID-19, and why so many centrist pundits went crazy over it.

And in the Fun Half: Sam and Emma watch Jesse Watters shine in his new role as the face of fascism on Fox, really putting his own spin on the “Obama isn’t American” schtick, before they parse through a little more of Tim Pool’s embarrassment at the hands of Emma, first tackling his obvious smear campaign calling Emma a “pedophile” just to get the attention off of his own idiocracy. They also walk through Tim’s claim to be the only true anti-imperialist, despite supporting imperialism, and his absolutely astounding comment that treaties from before he was born don’t count, plus, your IMs!

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