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It's News Day Tuesday! Sam and Emma break down the biggest headlines of the day. They first run through updates on Donald Trump’s impending court date over his “documents” debacle, Hunter Biden’s guilty plea on tax and gun charges, Virginia’s potential trifecta, continuing greedflation, climate change, dropping US murder rates and rising US temperatures, and more. Then, Sam and Emma dive into Donald Trump’s classified document scandal, and watch him effortlessly pivot from a pitch for suburban women to election fraud. Bret Baier runs through Trump’s myriad cabinet failures (and Donald’s own commentary on them) and Ben Shapiro screams and screeches about the integrity of the DOJ. Wrapping up, Sam and Emma discuss Digby’s recent reporting on the corruption of Burisma in Ukraine, and where (if at all) the Bidens land in the matter.

And in the Fun Half: Sam and Emma discuss DeSantis’ diminutive draw, and watch Peter Hotez effortlessly address the absurd attacks on him as “pro-pharma” by RFK, also parsing through the misinformation strewn throughout RFK’s recent appearance on Joe Rogan. Dee from South Carolina discusses the grooming of young libertarians, Mitchell from Tucson expands on RFK’s wifi lies, and Matt from Houston dives into the hostile takeover of his city’s public school system. Steve from Seattle discusses discussing voting, and Tim Pool claims a left-wing conspiracy is making him seem uncool, plus, your call and IMs!

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