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Happy Juneteenth! Sam and Emma speak to Imani Perry, professor of African-American Studies at Princeton University, author of South to America: A Journey Below the Mason-Dixon to Understand the Soul of a Nation, to discuss the history and legacy of Juneteenth, as well as the importance of its becoming a federal holiday. First, Sam and Emma run through updates on the DOJ’s refusal to investigate 1/6, an impending government shutdown, the pace of global warming, Texas labor protections, and the rising flames of the Gas stove debate, also watching Charlie Kirk denounce the “segregationist holiday” of Juneteenth. Professor Imani Perry then dives into the background of what Juneteenth is, the importance of a celebration that understands the long processes of manumission and civil rights, and explores the holiday’s similarly long journey from a local celebration to a federal holiday. Stepping back, Professor Perry walks Sam and Emma through the modern significance of Juneteenth amidst a consistent push toward an ahistorical lost cause ideology, and the necessity of using this day to educate and get people to readdress the practice of Democracy, before they wrap up by tackling the role of capitalism and neoliberal precarity in keeping white supremacy alive and well in the US’ working class.

And in the Fun Half: Sam and Emma discuss the Conservatives’ sudden pivot to gas stove policy, Jesse Watters’ genuinely inhumane comments about homelessness, and why the sudden conservative pivot towards homophobia is completely unsurprising and, in fact, completely representative of the GOP’s entire strategy. They also dive into Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s appearance on Joe Rogan, parsing through the misinformation about ivermectin and vaccines, and discussing the fundamental problem with a “pharma-skeptical” stance that doesn’t actually question the structure of big pharma. NYC Driver calls in to expand on Rogan’s history with the wellness industry, Spencer from LA discusses the relationship between religion and progressive politics, and Ronald Raygun dives into the parallels between religious cults and the tactics of the wellness industry, plus, your call and IMs!

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