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Sam and Emma host Peter Shamshiri, or Law Boy on Twitter, co-host of the 5-4 Podcast, to discuss some of the recent big decisions coming out of the Supreme Court, and what's still left on the docket. Sam and Emma start off by taking another look at some of the reactions to the big Trump indictment prior to his arraignment this afternoon in Miami. They include Alan Dershowitz, who famously didn't doubt the severity of the indictment (he did, days ago), discussing how bad this looks for Trump, and Speaker McCarthy going with the "bathroom doors lock" defense for why Trump would have multiple boxes of classified documents in his bathroom in Mar-A-Lago. Then Peter joins the show to discuss whether he'd go to bat for Trump in Florida since he apparently is still looking for lawyers, but then more seriously dives into the shocking Milligan decision, where Justices Kavanaugh and Roberts sided with the liberals to preserve the Voting Rights Act. Sam, Emma and Peter then discuss the Talevski case, Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson's first majority opinion, that, via a narrow ruling, preserved the structure of Medicaid. They then look to the future as to how the court might view the affirmative action and student debt decisions that are still before them, and if there are any other cases that Peter has his eye on (keep track of Brackeen v. Haaland, a case involving the Indian Child Welfare Act.)

And in the Fun Half, the MR Crew discuss Steve Bannon and Rudy Giuliani wanting to shove Hunter Biden's laptop up Bill Barr's ass, James Comer DEFINITELY having something from that FBI form him and Chuck Grassley think will indict the "Biden Crime Family", Tulsi Gabbard's big announcement that she's BACK in the military (heading up the PsyOps division, incidentally), the big New Yorker piece about Bari Weiss's OTHER sham venture, plus, your calls & IM's!

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