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It's Casual Friday! Sam and Emma host Heather Digby Parton, contributing writer at and proprietor of the blog Hullabaloo, to round up the week in news. Sam and Emma start off by discussing the Supreme Court's shocking decision regarding Alabama's congressional districts, and how Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson's constitutional interpretation in oral arguments back in October helped set up a victory for the Voting Rights Act. Then, Digby joins the show to discuss the bombshell Trump indictment, how the case has been assigned to a judge Trump literally appointed to the bench, and the entire Republican party, including presidential candidates trying to depose him from the top of the presidential ticket (looking at you, Meatball Ron) are coalescing behind an extremely coordinated PR campaign: that Trump is the victim of a 2-tiered justice system designed to prosecute Democrats' political enemies, and that America is descending into a banana republic. They also observe that this strategy has taken hold all over the spectrum, whether it's televangelist Robert Jeffress declaring that the Durham report "immunizes" Trump from being indicted, to "reasonable" Rep. Nancy Mace toeing the new party line on Fox with Harris Faulkner. They remark on how no one, save for also-ran presidential candidate Asa Hutchinson, could bring themselves to even acknowledge that what Trump did was illegal and disqualifying for him to run for elected office. They also get down to one of the simpler aspects of this matter: If Trump had just given all the documents back after being subpoenaed, this wouldn't have even been on anyone's radar, let alone the Department of Justice! Digby, Sam, and Emma also speculate on why so many candidates in the Republican primary haven't dropped out: they're hoping for a deus ex machina of sorts-Trump dying or going to jail. And Trump is hoping for a deus ex machina of his own: to stick it out in the race, win the nomination and the presidency, then potentially issue...himself a presidential primary. They touch on the unique odiousness of Ron DeSantis the man and Ron DeSantis the presidential candidate, as well as the current House Freedom Caucus uprising after the debt ceiling bill passed and was signed into law.

And in the Fun Half, Sam and Emma talk about Marjorie Taylor Greene not knowing what the Glass-Steagall Act was because...she was born after it came out, Megyn Kelly taking Dave Rubin to the mat over his DeSantis surrogacy and DeSantis's unwillingness to any unfriendly media (Megyn Kelly?? Unfriendly media??), a fresh new take on false-flag left-bashing in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota that saw a man get 2 years in prison for vandalizing his own home and blaming it on lefty anarchists. Plus, your calls & IM's!

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