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Sam and Emma host Mark Joseph Stern, senior writer at Slate, to discuss the recent decisions regarding labor and environmental regulation by the Supreme Court. First, Sam and Emma run through updates on Ukraine’s defensive, DeSantis’ human trafficking schtick, Atlanta’s City Council approving the Cop City funding in the face of mass public opposition, Oklahoma’s funding of religious schools, SAG-AFTRA’s strike, PGA’s merger with a Saudi golf league, and the Quebec wildfires, before parsing through some of yesterday’s best speeches in front of the Atlanta City Council. Mark Joseph Stern then dives right into assessing last month’s Sackett v. EPA decision in which the Supreme Court unanimously curtailed the Clean Water Act’s wetland protections, going in and effectively rewriting Congress’ provision protecting wetlands “adjacent” to protected bodies of water in favor of only those with surface connections – less than 50% of those originally protected. Stern, Sam, and Emma go on to tackle this decision’s relationship to the Chevron doctrine, going beyond simply undermining vague delegations of power to governmental agencies and completely editing out explicit Congressional approval of agency power. Next, Mark Joseph Stern parses through the Court’s 8-1 decision on Glacier NW vs. Teamsters, siding against employees’ right to strike, in favor of protecting minimal property damage that the strikers made an active effort to prevent, as Stern walks Sam and Emma through the overriding of clear precedent and the power of the NLRB in this decision. Wrapping up, Mark explores why the Supreme Court’s decisions in June aren’t likely to get better.

And in the Fun Half: Sam and Emma tackle Cornell West’s entrance into the Presidential race with the People’s Party, discuss Twitter’s continuing debacle around their TwitterFiles, and parse through the mystery deal between Marjorie Taylor Greene and Kevin McCarthy to get the debt ceiling deal done. They also dive into Florida’s virulently anti-immigrant SB-1718 and the impact its passing has had, Mario in Georgia dives into DeSantis’ military comments, Kai from New Jersey discusses his state’s elections, and William from LA discusses the importance of diverse news sources. Fox News finds a theocratic temp to fill Tucker’s spot, plus, your calls and IMs!

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