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Emma hosts Anastasia Curwood, Professor of History at the University of Kentucky, to discuss her recent book Shirley Chisholm: Champion of Black Feminist Power Politics. Then, she's joined by labor and politics reporter Cole Stangler, to discuss the recent worker protests in France.  First, Emma runs through updates on the death toll from the earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria, the brutality coverup in the Atlanta PD’s Cop City killing of an activist, the role of Norfolk Southern Freight in helping kill the safety regulations that would’ve aided their most recent chemical derailment, and the Ohio reporter that was arrested for asking questions about the incident, before diving into Ron DeSantis absolutely charisma-free response to being called a pedophile by Donald Trump. Professor Anastasia Curwood then dives right into her work creating what may be the first true cradle-to-grave biography of one of America’s most important political figures of the 20th Century, parsing through Shirley Chisholm’s roots as a Brooklyn-born daughter of formerly enslaved immigrants from Barbados, immediately entering into a world of Black radicalism and political organizing, from her grandmother’s emphasis on self-determination to her father’s involvement with Marcus Garvey, all shaping the lead up to her political career. Next, Professor Curwood walks Emma through the start of Chisholm’s entrance into politics, running with insurgent Democrat clubs to win a seat on the New York State Assembly in 1964, where she would align herself growing Civil Rights movement and garner an incredible grassroots base that, alongside the electoral realignment coming out of the Civil Rights Act, put her in an ideal position to become Brooklyn’s first Black Congressperson as she road through a tough primary against former CORE Director James Farmer, before winning the general at the end of 1968. After tackling her role (both in the New York State Assembly and in the House) in fighting for a bolstered social safety net (including pushing a universal childcare bill all the way to Nixon’s veto), Emma and Anastasia Curwood wrap up the interview by assessing Chisolm’s relationship to the White Feminist movement of the era, including organizing greatly with women like Bella Abzug and Gloria Steinem earlier in her political career, only to be completely deserted by them in her 1972 presidential run. Next, Cole Stangler gets right into the Emmanuel Macron policy that would raise the French pension age at least two years for all workers, parsing through the general consensus among the French as an attack on their labor rights, delaying access to the funds that much of the French have spent decades paying and extending their reliance on labor exploitation. After briefly contrasting the French pension program with the US systems of Social Security and Medicare, Cole Stangler wraps up the interview by tackling the constitutionally-guaranteed labor rights in France, and what this means for the protest moving forwards.

And in the Fun Half: Emma is joined by Brandon Sutton and Matt Binder as Matt discusses his experience debating the right on “what if I like HAD to say the N-Word,” Ben Shapiro relays the good ol’ “don’t they teach Black people to listen to the cops” dog whistle, and Left Reckoning caller Joe calls in to discuss recommended guests for discussing China-Taiwan relations. Candace Owens flips the fuck out on “demonic” Trans people in coming to the defense of Witchcraft-promoter JK Rowling, WeWork inventor Adam Neumann reinvents Capitalism’ parasitic relationship to housing, and Dave from Jamaica tackles the alienating nature of AI Porn, plus, your calls and IMs!

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