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Sam breaks down the biggest headlines of the day. First, Sam runs through updates on the passing of the new rules package, the reveal that current president Biden has classified documents, Lina Khan and the FTC investigation into price discrimination, and environmental updates on California and our planet’s ozone, before diving into Katie Porter’s announcement that she will be running to take over Dianne Feinstein’s empty seat. Sam and the MR Crew then dive into updates on day 2 of the New York City nurses’ strike, as masses gather to support care workers exercising their labor leverage, and discuss perspectives from Representatives Ilhan Omar and Michael Waltz on the GOP’s platform in the wake of finally electing McCarthy speaker, including the ever-important de-wokification of the US military. They wrap up the free half by walking through the upcoming Supreme Court case Glaciers North West v. Teamsters, how the Supreme Court can use it to try and cripple labor action, and why the US loves requiring labor while not requiring the payment for it, before diving into updates to Biden’s student loan relief, and why it would be a lot easier to just wipe it out.

And in the Fun Half: Sam gives his takes on nuclear power, Tucker Carlson takes on the legitimacy of Glenn’s biggest moment as a solo journalist, and Ben Shapiro walks through his exact equation for a ruler’s legitimacy, which totally has nothing to do with his own impotence affecting the dynamics of the Shapiro household. Krista from Pennsylvania discusses the US’ shift towards theocracy, Guy from Portland Oregon explores the relationship between the courts, NLRB, and judicial activism, and Sam touches on the recent news surrounding one-half of Diamond & Silk, plus, your calls and IMs!

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