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Sam and Emma host writer Raina Lipsitz to discuss her recent book The Rise of a New Left: How Young Radicals Are Shaping the Future of American Politics. First, Emma and Sam run through updates on the tragic terrorist attack in Colorado Springs, ongoing rail union bargaining, Kari Lake’s voter disenfranchisement claims, Russian-forced blackouts across Ukraine, and Mike Pence asking if it’s criminal to follow illegal advice. Raina Lipsitz then joins as she dives right into tracking the emergence of a new left in the US beginning with the Occupy movement in the early 2010s and the dawning of a new era of American class consciousness, before walking back through the previous few years of radicalization and disillusionment under the Obama Administration, as economic struggles continued and policy on the environment, immigration, and reproductive rights fell to the wayside. Next, they parse through the shift from disillusion to action, as people saw the relationship between power as a marginalized person and power as a worker, and got a political place to funnel this passion with Bernie’s campaign in 2016. Raina, Emma, and Sam, then walk through the major divide between the progressive and corporate wings of the Democratic party, both in terms of how mainstream Democratic leadership undermines progressive candidates (Bernie, India Walton, etc), and in where their actual ideology departs on a policy and electoral level. Wrapping up, they tackle the massive resurgence of organized labor over the last few years, with the politically motivating force of labor power pushing the Democrats forward in 2022, giving more depth to their message than “not a fascist,” and explore the future of the progressive wing of US politics.

And in the Fun Half: Sam and Emma parse through this weekend’s tragedy in Colorado Springs, discussing the violation of a necessary space for a queer community facing more and more marginalization, and the greater stochastic terror behind this attack, stemming from the likes of Chaya Raichik and Matt Walsh, before diving into the New York Time’s recent story on the knowledge of Conservative SCOTUS justices’ previous involvement in Court leaks. John from Ohio breaks down the disappointment of Tim Ryan, Chris from Boston discusses COVID coverage today, and Jack from Boston asks for help responding to anti-progressive talking points, plus, your calls and IMs!

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