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Sam hosts Mark Joseph Stern, senior writer at Slate, to discuss the recent opening arguments that have come in front of the Supreme Court. First, Sam runs through updates on the Democratic victory in Arizona bringing Kari Lake down, the GOP creeping even closer to a House majority, Biden’s attempt to renew the student debt repayments, and Iran detaining minors for protest, before watching the right cope with their disappointing showing last week. Mark Joseph Stern then joins as he dives right into the joint affirmative action case being taken against Harvard and UNC, walking through why – despite it supposedly hinging on the 14th Amendment – the majority of the arguments and discussion has been conservative racial aggrievement about policy, with the legal theory coming from the more liberal judges while still appreciating policy impact. Next, Mark parses through Haaland v. Brackeen, the upcoming Supreme Court case that ostensibly deals with states’ rights to lay claim to native children living on reservations, and the larger impact of weakening the rights of reservations and their laws in the eyes of the US courts, opening it up to exploitation by both the state and corporation, also drawing a parallel to Georgia’s treatment of indigenous peoples in the lead up to the Indian Removal Act. Mark Joseph Stern and Sam also tackle the optimism for the Talevski v. Health and Hospital Corporation case and the future of people’s right to have federal protections enforced, before wrapping up with the continued investigation into the Roe leaks.

And in the Fun Half: Sam dives into the potential overhaul of GOP leadership as Rep. Andy Biggs’ announcement that he will be challenging for Speaker of the House and Rick Scott attempts to hide his disdain for McConnell. Em from Baltimore dives into the success of Michigan’s attempt to address gerrymandering and Zack from Michigan dives into Proposal 3 officially codifying abortion into the state constitution. Sam updates us on Russia allegedly launching missiles into Poland, and Rodney from Omaha critiques Sam’s sense of humor. Dave Rubin almost goes 0-9 in election predictions, plus, your calls and IMs

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