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Sam, Emma, and the MR Crew reflect on a surprising midterm election and break down some of the biggest results from last night. Then, they're joined by Adam Green, co-founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC), to discuss the midterm results from the progressives perspective. First, Emma and Sam run through updates on the role of inflation and abortion in yesterday’s election, Democrats gaining full control in all the “M” states (MA, MI, MN, MD), the success of left-wing referendums across the US, and touching on both Meta’s mass layoffs and updates from Ukraine, before diving into New York state as the big Democratic losing ground, and why that was largely set up by its previous Democratic Governor (Cuomo) and Mayor (Adams). Adam Green then joins as he begins by parsing through the mainstream Democrats’ “win or lose, stab progressives in the back” strategy leading up to the midterms, and how that completely fell through with last night’s incredible success for the left, with voting blocks nationwide proving their embrace of left-of-center policy (particularly via referendum) and democracy writ large, with no major progressive loses really occurring. After tackling the upstream fight that faced the Democrats this election cycle (particularly following the centrist stifling of Biden’s entire economic agenda), Adam, Emma, and Sam discuss the likelihood of a runoff in the Georgia Senate race, and wrap up the interview with an extended conversation on where Biden and the Dems should go next.

And in the Fun Half: Sam and Emma admire the various breakdowns from the Right Wing pundit class, exploring Matt Lech’s comments on the failure of Matt Walsh’s tactics, Fox and Friends’ focus on Fetterman’s stances on fracking, and the complete failure of their pivot to crime everywhere other than New York. They tackle the likely return of Donald Trump to the Republican ticket, what that could mean for the GOP, and talk with Felipe from Florida on the state of the Florida Democratic party. Trans and genderqueer folks win big from St. Paul to Oklahoma City, plus, your calls and IMs!

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