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It's Day 2 of Sam reporting from the Mass Torts Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada! He and Emma begin by running through updates on the 2022 midterm debate season, footage from Pelosi and Schumer on January 6th, before Sam meets with Ring of Fire Radio host Farron Cousins as they walk through the ten big senate races to watch in the 2022 midterms, watching Ron Johnson respond to his opponent’s genuine compliment with outright vitriol, discussing the Florida DNC’s tactic of running the same losing candidates year after year, and contextualizing the failing Trump legal battles. Then, Sam is joined by tort lawyer and early Air-America investor Mike Papantonio as they discuss the role of tort law in holding corporations accountable in both the legal and public realms at a point in American politics where everything from Congress and the Courts to the Media is driven by the profit incentive, walking through his biggest cases in tort law, and the constant presence of internal corporate documents from actuaries walking through the necessary profits to offset the legal costs of future injuries and harm they KNOW their product will cause. They also touch on the cases on HSBC’s money laundering for terrorists and cartels (resulting in solely corporate fines), the Camp Lejeune water contamination, and more, walking through the myriad levels of awareness from inside the corporation to the highest levels of the executive branch. Next, lawyer Michael Watts joins to dive into his work studying potential causes in the exponential increase in autism diagnosis over the last few decades, including the clear lack of evidence around the impact of certain vaccine ingredients, and the growing evidence of a correlation between the use of acetaminophen during pregnancy and an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis later in life. Sarah Papantonio then joins as she explores her recent case taking on the impact of baby formula companies causing premature babies to develop necrotizing enterocolitis by misadvertising their products as human milk, rather than the cow’s milk base it actually used. They also tackle the greater exploitative history of the baby formula industry, before parsing through the difference between multi-district legislation (mass tort suits) and class action, and exploring how federal governments can get involved in tort cases.

Sam and Emma wrap up the show by diving deeper into various midterm debates including Ron Johnson being pushed around by Mandela Barnes (yet still looking worse) and Tudor Dixon’s transphobic closing remarks, also looking at Charlie Kirk’s response to Alex Jones’ Sandy Hook case, and Ben Shapiro dancing around the intense antisemitism of his conservative colleagues.

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