The Majority Report with Sam Seder

Sam breaks down the biggest headlines of the day. Sam begins by tackling the neck-and-neck midterm polling in Wisconsin and Nevada, Peter Thiel shifting his funding from JD Vance back to Blake Masters, and Dr. Oz and Herschel Walker both giving their opponents a boost in Pennsylvania and Georgia, respectively. He also dives into the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development making a statement against the US’ crackdown on labor via Federal interest rate hikes, the still-hazy information around the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, and Pelosi officially sinking the stock trading ban. Marco Rubio finds himself in a real Florida-politician moment as he has to justify federal funds for disaster relief when he’s voted against such funds going anywhere else, Herschel Walker’s past funding of abortions comes to the fore as his son, Christian, finally speaks out against the years of abuse under Herschel’s reign as family patriarch. Similarly, Mila speaks out against recent statements made by one Saul Seder, and Sam and the crew dive deep into updates on unionization efforts including an Amazon work stoppage in Staten Island, the successful organizing effort at SFO (San Francisco/Oakland) airport, and the ongoing Graduate Union effort at Clark University in Worcester.

And in the Fun Half: Sam dives a little deeper into the UNCTD’s statement on the Fed hiking interest rates, the GOP candidate for Governor of Minnesota speaks out about Furries totally combining two different kinds of grooming, and John from San Antonio comes for Dave Weigel and Sam as he explores the confusing polling around the midterms. Wade from Minneapolis discusses the new CIA Podcast, the crew dives into the London climate protests and another abortion-ban horror story coming out of Arizona, before Vaugn from DC gives some updates on Elon Musk’s Twitter acquisition, Shahab from Nashville discusses US reporting on Iran and the greater impacts of sanctions, and Ben from Worcester talks WooSox, plus, your calls and IMs!

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