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It's Casual Friday! Sam and Emma host Alex Pareene, Contributing Editor at the New Republic and proprietor of the AP newsletter on Substack, to round up the week in news. Then they are joined by Judy Gold, host of the Kill Me Now podcast! First, Emma and Sam run through Donald Trump’s crumbling defenses, DeSantis canceling his second human trafficking stunt, updates on the continuing resolution, and more, before diving into Gustavo Petro’s speech at the UN General Assembly on the climate crisis, diving into the plague of US and western consumption, imperialism, and exploitative practices that continue with the belief that “the market will save us from what the market itself has created.” Then Alex Pareene joins as they dive right into the Russian disaster that has been Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, as he calls in the final reserves and begins a draft of Russian citizens with anti-war protests breaking out left and right, also holding a conversation on assessing the failures of Putin’s goals, with NATO bigger and more popular than ever, and wrapping up the topic by assessing how it will develop next, with a depleted Russian officer class to be joined by unwilling draftees. Next, they tackle Manchin’s whining about Republicans joining Bernie in taking his permitting out of the continuing resolution, exploring the animosity existing between the two, why the GOP shares in the anti-Manchin sentiment, and why none of that matters when it comes to Bernie’s political action. Wrapping up the interview, they turn to the topic of Donald Trump, parsing through Trump Inc v Letitia James and whether the IRS will get involved, Trump v DeSantis and the rallying of Fox hosts behind their leader, what will happen with a Trump indictment (and why it might make him more likely to run), and how Trump’s turn to Q might develop.

And in the Fun Half: Sam and Emma are joined by Judy Gold as she flaunts her son’s athletic prowess, explores why the gays and literates love Sam, and assesses the state of the Stand-Up form as it feels the after-effects of social media’s form of entrepreneurship. They also tackle the evolution of the form and safe (and creative) spaces for comedians. Sam and Emma watch Trey Hollingsworth’s cordial meeting with US Banks as part of their oversight, the reveal that JR Majewski has actually been lying about his military experience, and Alex Jones flails angrily when being confronted with the families of Sandy Hook and what he’s done to them. Tucker Carlson continues his tirade of stochastic terrorism as it continues to earn him the big bucks, 2x Divorcée Dennis Prager talks about being in the upper echelon of radio talk show hosts in his debate with Ana Kasparian, plus, your IMs!

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