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Sam and Emma host journalist John Bartlett to discuss the recent constitutional referendum in Chile. Then, they are joined by Nsombi Lambright, executive director of OneVoiceMS, to discuss the recent water crisis in Jackson, Mississippi's capital city. They begin by diving into updates on the Mar-a-Lago raid, the Seattle teacher strike, Texas and South Carolina abortion bans, a Texas judge deciding requiring HIV medical care is unconstitutional, and the state of climate catastrophe that we find ourselves in, before watching Jackson Hinkle and Tucker Carlson explore the Jews behind the Nazis behind Joe Biden’s fascist lighting. John Bartlett joins, diving right into the results of Chile’s constitutional referendum, with the constitution – a rewrite of the binding legislation of Pinochet’s dictatorial regime – failing by a wide margin, before jumping back to Pinochet’s coup that supplied the first failing constitution, walking through the hyper-privatization and rejection of indigenous communities that framed this quintessential neoliberal shock doctrine document. Next, he, Emma, and Sam walk through the recent social uprising that lead to the rewriting of the document, starting in 2019 after protests saw overwhelming support among Chileans for a new constitutional convention, and slowly developing over the last three years. Bartlett then dives into what elements led this new, rather progressive constitution to fail, parsing through the social welfare policies and emphasis on gender parity and indigenous rights, before exploring the greater systemic changes in their legislative and judicial wings. Wrapping up, they cover the overarching theme of mis- and disinformation around the constitutional campaign and explore the role of industry (particularly the already privatized variety) in the pushback. Then, Nsombi Lambright joins in the wake of a meeting with the federal EPA, jumping right into where the federal government is at with intervening in the Jackson, Mississippi water crisis, before situating where the city is at, having recently gotten running water back but still lacking potability. Lambright, Sam, and Emma then explore the lasting impact of the austerity measures of the Reagan era on Jackson, looking at the mass disinvestment from public infrastructure combined with white-flight seeing business and recreation vanishing from the city, leaving it to slowly disintegrate over the last three decades, with the city only able to slap the occasional bandage on it. They conclude the interview by exploring what Jackson is trying to do right now, as the Mississippi governor attempts to set up his own shock-doctrine implementation of privatized infrastructure, and what those outside of Mississippi can do to help.

And in the Fun Half: Ronald Raygun has a quick check-in with a certain commenter in defense of John from San Antonio before Anarcho-Capitalist Mike from Liberty 412 calls in as he debates with Sam and Emma on all things libertarian, walking through the absurdity of private courts, presuming a constant non-aggression principle, and much more. They also touch on Donald Trump’s (former) lawyer Alina Habba and Trump’s “invisible” documents, and reflect on the industry-shifting debut of the  E-S-V-N podcast.

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