The Majority Report with Sam Seder

It's Casual Friday! As summer winds down, Sam and Emma take the first hour to do a big call-in show! They first touch on Biden's speech on keeping the flame of liberty alight, calling out the extremists that dominate and drive the GOP, while still saving time to remind us of the good Republicans that he worked with back in the day. Sam and Emma also dive into Ron Johnson’s statements on solving labor shortage with the elderly, the Republican scramble to make up for the inauthenticity and lackluster charisma of their Thiel candidates, the GOP’s coordinatedly stupid response to Student Loan relief, and the next children’s hospital to be a target of Matt Walsh and Chaya Raichik’s stochastic terrorism. With fans calling in at 646-257-3920 to chat with the MR Crew, they then tackle topics including student loans, the falling GOP support ahead of the midterms, bringing in more support for the left, gun control failures on both the right and left, and critiques of how yesterday’s interview positioned rural farms owners’ relationship to their undocumented workers. They also enjoy discussions with callers over the capitalist achievement of ice cream cake, Emma’s new sports show (ESVN airing Tuesday at 4 pm!), the #DropKiwiFarms initiative, and overcoming the blackpill.

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