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Sam and Emma break down the biggest headlines of the day, first previewing the behind-the-scenes discussion in the Biden Administration surrounding student debt relief, LGBTQ+ protections for government workers, and the tricklings of a potential freighters rail strike in the US, and Sam hints at some upcoming conversation on Glenn Greenwald dipping his toes into the world of PR for Alex Jones. Emma and Sam then dive deep into the appearance of one Joan Biskupic, with sources close to (maybe even literally inside of) Chief Justice John Roberts’ head, and her discussion of Roberts’ “fight” to save (exclusively the first fifteen weeks of) Roe v. Wade, the impact of the leak in locking justices Amy Coney Barrett and Brett Kavanaugh into Alito’s side, before the crew expands on the precedence of conservative judicial activism in opening up the question a case addresses. They then dive into what the Biden Administration could, should, and definitely won’t do to help the overwhelming student debt faced by the US population, explore how the focus on the 1/6 hearings and the backlash to Dobbs makes Biden completely meaningless heading up to the midterms, and how taking literally any unilateral action on student debt could change that. Next, they cover the possible emergence of a rail strike among freighters, and parse through the details of the Trump Administration’s Schedule F and the blueprint for the dissolution of the administrative state.

And in the Fun Half: Sam and Emma tackle JD Vance’s discussion of his grandparents’ marriage (based on ownership) as essential to a healthy society and why even if a marriage is violent, that is better than peaceful divorce, explore the abhorrent conditions of UPS drivers, and ponder how Log Cabin Republicans can’t seem to fit in. Then Sam dives deep into Glenn Greenwald’s recent appearance at an early screening of Alex Jones’ upcoming documentary, his incredible ability to perfectly tailor a question to an answer that serves Alex’s upcoming court appearance, and his general efficiency in taking massive journalistic credibility and flushing it down the toilet. They also cover Dave Rubin conceding that his homosexuality makes his family suffer, plus, your calls and IMs!

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The Majority Report with Sam Seder -

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