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Sam and Emma break down the biggest headlines of the day, from the excess heat on the climate to the lack of heat on Manchin, first diving into Biden’s internal decision on whether or not to declare a climate emergency as Manchin revokes his OWN proposal in the wake of monied interests’ behind-the-scenes discussion, and Chad Meredith, anti-choice judge, being officially dropped from his federal nomination,  and the wave of local news reports (despite how decrepit local news infrastructure has become) on the hindering of reproductive care by medical professionals, requiring a delay of any medical intervention until the life of the child bearer is clearly under threat, resulting in countless stories of gallons of blood loss, serious complications, and more – even in the case of nonviable births. Expanding on this, they address the failure of the Democratic party’s messaging on protecting medical professionals that can provide reproductive care and the institutional barriers to these professionals doing their job without legal repercussions. Emma and Sam also explore the greater theocratic aims of the Republican party, and the quality of the divine judgments of “not being able to carry a viable child,” “being gay or trans,” or “simply having a womb” as standards of criminal justice, and the absurdity of republicans pretending that certain abortions aren’t abortions because they’re good. They wrap up the first half with an expanded conversation on Biden’s efforts to combat climate change, what he can (and largely isn’t going to) do, and the role of reigning back the Supreme Court in actually tackling these issues.

And in the Fun Half: Sam and Emma discuss the beauty of the 1/6 commission likely pushing Trump to announce his presidential run earlier, Biden’s continuously dropping polling as 64% of Democrats want another 2024 candidate, and John Fetterman once again squashing the “centrist Dems win and lefties lose” argument. The crew tackles the upcoming midterm polling, the likelihood of Democrats keeping the Senate and losing the House, and the races to pay attention to. The Secret Service happened to have an institution-wide messaging wipe days after 1/6, a caller asks for Manchin’s stance on inflation and mass military spending, and the UK Rail Strike’s messaging continues to absolutely smack its competition. Dave Rubin bolsters Blaze’s race against the Daily Wire on whose more transphobic, an Oklahoma mayor resigns after months-long homophobic harassment, Jeff from Minneapolis discusses Destiny’s absurd arguments against Sam, and Chris from the Bay Area tosses up some guest suggestions. Jeff from Western Mass talks Democratic strategies of self-immolation, and Jason Rantz excuses AOC’s stature as a leftist woman of color live on Fox, plus, your calls and IMs!

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