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Sam and Emma host Daniel Nichanian, editor-in-chief of Bolts Magazine, to discuss big upcoming races at the state and local levels in the run-up to the midterms. Then they are joined by Lupe Rodriguez, executive director for the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Justice (NLRJ), to discuss the Institute's ongoing efforts to protect abortion care post-Roe. Sam and Emma begin by checking in on day 7 of the Jan. 6th hearings, then move to John Bolton telling Jake Tapper to take it from him: he knows a thing or two about coups d'etat, Jan. 6th wasn't his first go-around. Then Sam and Emma are joined by Daniel, who breaks down some of the biggest inflection points in the state and local races in November when it comes to ballot measures, state supreme court races, statehouse fights, as well as local races in district attorney's offices, county sheriff's offices, county prosecutors and attorneys general's offices around the country, that could affect vulnerable people after the Supreme Court overturned Roe V. Wade.

Sam and Emma are then joined by Lupe to discuss the on-the-ground efforts before AND after Roe was overturned, who will be most adversely affected by this, how the NLRJ is assisting vulnerable people seeking abortion care, what they think about the Biden Administration's response so far to the ruling, and how they will prepare (read: brace) for a potential federal abortion ban in the future if the Congressional chambers and the White House change hands in 2022 and 2024.

And in the Fun Half, the MR Crew discuss another LEFT IS BEST situation arising in Minnesota, Khiara Bridges trouncing another idiot Senator yesterday (shockingly, not Josh Hawley AGAIN), and Sam's second solemn correction of the broadcast: that Hawley didn't appear on Tucker to whine about how Professor Bridges treated him, but that he actually ended up on HANNITY instead. (We regret the error.) Then, they dive into Episode 7 of the Jan. 6th hearings: The One Where All The Crazy Idiots Try And Kill Each Other. Finally, they look at recently leaked video of the disgraceful response by the Uvalde police to the shooting at Robb Elementary. Plus your calls and IM's!

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