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Sam and Emma break down the biggest headlines of the week, including Biden’s tardy response to the overturn of Roe and updates on the 1/6 committee. After a quick run-through of Starbucks’ plague of worker solidarity and updates on the BA-5 variant, Sam and Emma explore the corroboration of Hutchinson’s testimony last week, their hopes for this week’s primetime hearing, and whether or not the Democrats will seek to draw a contradiction between them and the GOP or just Ultra-MAGA and everyone else. Next, they look to Biden’s recent signing of the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act (EMTALA), exploring the obscurities around health “exemptions” and the importance of MANDATING intervention with emergency medical conditions as perhaps the only way to ensure reproductive health is appropriately handled, with an emphasis on the whistleblower clause as necessary to protect the doctors, nurses, and health professionals that make these determinations, before looking at how this executive order effectively tackles the bounty laws established in Texas and elsewhere. After tackling the possibility of Democrats advancing any legislation (even non-binding resolutions) that denounces abortion bans and why Joe Manchin still stands in the way of this possibility, Sam and Emma shift over to the announcement that Biden aims to STILL move his anti-choice judicial nominee forwards as they assess what deal could possibly make that worthwhile. Wrapping up the first half, Emma and Sam discuss the greater system of judicial confirmation and how it became so central to our politics over the last decade and a half.

And in the Fun Half: Sam and Emma take a call with Mark from AZ on comparing the bans on assault rifles to bans on alcohol, unfortunately forgetting alcohol is one of the most regulated products on the market and also something people CHOOSE to enter their bodies, Prof. Khiara Bridges absolutely stuns Josh Hawley with the news that dehumanizing people makes for inhumane treatment, and Biden takes hard-hitting questions on gun control like “will you do something?”Jordan Peterson reveals Putin’s secret agenda for the invasion of Ukraine – taking on the WOKE agenda of the US – and Matt Walsh gets stumped by his own question. Brian Kilmeade and the Brownstone Institute cry over the invasion of historical fact into their “sacred spaces” (museums), Devin from New Brunswick explores the role of assimilation in Black and queer communities in the US, and Charles from Brooklyn on comparisons between Dobbs and Dred Scott. Seth from Wyoming discusses the threats of death and sexual assault that comes from living in a conservative town and being an outspoken progressive, plus, your calls and IMs!


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