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Sam and Emma break down a big weekend in news, from the SCOTUS confirmation hearings of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Russia-Ukraine conflict, from labor to COVID and more! They begin by tackling the continued holdup on aid to Afghanistan (alongside other war-torn regions like Yemen) by the West in the wake of Biden pilfering the $7 Billion of funds for the region. Then, Sen Durbin helps Ketanji Brown Jackson address Josh Hawley’s shameless comments and his utter lack of self-awareness, as she discusses literally just doing her job, before Sam and Emma watch Marsha Blackburn use KBJ’s nomination to tee-up the Right’s next attack on bodily autonomy, and ponder how much more Republicans might have respected the nomination, if she had spent her time pissing and shitting and screaming about beer and her anti-child pornography calendar. Former AG Bill Barr continues the theme, as he shamelessly plugs the Right’s commitment to respecting SCOTUS nominations, completely forgetting how the current AG, Merrick Garland, came to assume that position. After briefly touching on the Republicans trying to tie KBJ to CRT, Sam and Emma cover updates on the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Biden’s trip to Europe, and the horrifying child death rate in Afghanistan in the wake of the US pullout and thievery.

And in the Fun Half: Sam and Emma are joined by Nomiki Konst as they discuss Stephanie Murphy’s version of “Why I Left the Left,” despite successfully pushing every centrist policy during Biden’s time in office, before getting into Fox hooking onto a regional women’s swim meet as the pinnacle of women’s oppression, interviewing DOZENs of women (the rest are just off-screen) who just happen to be walking away from the Democrats, entrusting the well-being of the female sex to anti-abortion activists. Emma also dives into the rise of the UK as TERF-Island, and what we can expect as this conservative campaign begins to dig into US mainstream media, and why – just like every other piece of fascist agenda – the solution to tackle this (non) “problem” (giving gender-affirming care to help assimilate trans people to their preferred bodies) will never be used. Sam is baffled why this is even a problem, Donald Trump talks the future of the past, and Eric Trump discusses the horribleness of contemporary geopolitics and what that means for Biden riding a bicycle. JD Vance balances not being a winner with being a massive loser, Tucker works on his best Fallon impression to flatter Kid Rock, plus, your IMs!
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