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It's Casual Friday! Sam and Emma host Alex Pareene, Contributing Editor at the New Republic and proprietor of the AP newsletter on Substack, to round up the week in news, as they dive into Breyer’s retirement and the role of the judicial branch moving forward, as well as look at the state of Omicron and COVID stances on the left. They begin with Breyer’s announcement and the emphasis he puts on the continuation of the American “experiment” that he’s so graciously ruled over in a lifetime position, walking through the fetishization of US governance and processes that has been stunting any material change for ages, and the central role liberals have had to play in it. Next, they get into the politics of replacing Breyer’s seat, particularly within the context of the Right’s obstructionism and Biden’s decision to solely consider Black women for the seat (but don’t worry, they’ll still be Ivy Leaguers), before this lovely conversation leads to one on the future of Democratic leadership, and whether they’ll decide to move away from bipartisan fetishization, and towards getting things passed. Alex, Emma, and Sam wrap up the interview looking at the US’s COVID restrictions (or lack thereof) in comparison with much of the rest of the West, and the incredible (and endangering) freedoms we’ve enjoyed amidst nonstop whining from libertarians and liberals alike. They also touch on the judicial decision to cancel Biden’s gas and oil leases, and a Tennessee school board’s banning of Art Spiegelman’s holocaust graphic novel “Maus.”

And in the Fun Half: Micah from CA calls in to discuss promoting leftist candidacies, Ronald Raygun tears Sam a new one over not holding his kids to account, and Biden decides to leave another campaign promise up to the filibuster, with Jen Psaki shirking the responsibility over to the ever-productive Congress. The FL Senate Minority Leader is reminded by Florida's Surgeon General that science doesn’t have yes and no answers, Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson revel in the ability of people to do things that they know are bad, and Emma and Sam unpack the overwhelming response to Sam’s debate with off-brand philosophy bro Jackson Hinkle, to the point that countless Hinklers on Twitter happened to have identical responses, plus, your calls and IMs!

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