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Sam and Emma host Sheryll Cashin, professor at the Georgetown University Law Center, to discuss her recent book White Space, Black Hood: Opportunity Hoarding and Segregation in the Age of Inequality, on how the residential caste system built up around race and geography has ingrained itself into US cities, becoming central to how we imagine our neighborhoods and cities operating. They begin by focusing on the geographical element, as Professor Cashin looks to Baltimore to explore how the migration of escaped and freed slaves to the North saw cities resort to a contain and segregate tactic, tightly grouping Black folks into neighborhoods separated by infrastructure and investment, both in what is built, via the construction of highway boundaries, and in what isn’t, with a complete desertion of public infrastructure. Looking into the 21st Century, Cashin explores how even under Black mayors and majority-Black city councils cities like Baltimore saw the residential caste system expanded and reinforced, discussing the role of Maryland Governor Larry Hogan in putting a stop to the aptly named “red line” to connect poorer neighborhoods to downtown and the suburbs, and re-investing the money entirely into rich white areas. After discussing this element of boundary maintenance, Professor Cashin, Sam, and Emma look to how this segregation also promotes opportunity hoarding, by not only keeping wealth and infrastructure down in Black neighborhoods, regardless of economic makeup, but also by forcing them to subsidize opportunity in wealthier neighborhoods. Lastly, they touch on the role of stereotype-driven policing and surveillance and how this works to reinforce both of the previous two elements, before they wrap up by discussing Sheryll Cashin’s ideas on abolition and repair, working to reverse the destructive policies that have defined our metropolitan development over the last century and a half. Sam and Emma also touch on Ron DeSantis’s tactical “if I can’t see it, it doesn’t exist” strategy with invisible viruses.

And in the Fun Half: Sam finally gets some video proof that not all Pats fans absolutely suck, Emma compliments Sam’s “soy-boy professor” look, and the crew discusses the HIPAA violation that is a Tinder date asking DeSantis his STD status. John from SA, Kowalski from NE, and Ronald Raygun hit us with back to back to back regulars as they tackle Wisconsin gerrymandering, defeatism, and ideal FBI-Plant Dave Ramsey, respectively. Bro Flamingo also discusses how the Activision culture of abuse has been swept under the rug, and an anonymous caller discusses his experience with the disgusting gas pollution coming from the abandoned Fresh Kills landfill in Staten Island, plus, your calls and IMs!

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