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Happy 2022! Sam is back from a well-deserved break as he and Matt catch up on the big developments in the news that happened over Christmas and the New Year. They walk through the overwhelming spread of Omicron across New York, address Sam’s new silver fox look, and cover Steve Cortes talking AOC and feet, somehow in a completely new, and yet entirely unsurprising fashion. Brian Kilmeade and Jesse Watters rant on how COVID testing is locking us in a box, and needs to be drastically decreased, and Hillary from Seattle calls in to discuss the developing HPV vaccine and the successful tests around it. Kowalski from Nebraska gives Sam some flack for moving the Big Live show right to the middle of planting season, Letterhack from CO calls in about the Boulder wildfires, before Sam and Matt celebrate Majority Report cracking the top 10 of Rudy Giuliani’s and Bernie Kerik’s list of conservative influencers. They also discuss this year’s midterms, tallying up preliminary numbers and what Democrats can do to not lose both the House and Senate. The MR team also reflects on Jimmy Dore and Max Blumenthal’s earth-shattering information that small-scale YouTuber “Shaun” is the keystone of the CIA COVID coverage infiltration, before exploring a report that Koch money was, unrelatedly, very central to getting us back to work in a Pandemic. Griffin from Florida calls in to discuss rhetoric and policy around gun rights, John from San Antonio asks for Sam’s defining story of 2021, and why it’s Joe Biden’s failure to manage the Senate, and Carl from Minneapolis discusses the absurdity of forcing the immunocompromised back to work in a pandemic. Then, David from Indiana and Sam talk general strikes, plus, your calls and IMs!

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