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Sam and Emma catch up on the big Thanksgiving weekend's worth of news! They begin by looking forwards, running through what we might see in the upcoming Senate session, before Sam reflects on the anniversary of Mike Cernovich’s attempted canceling of him (also known as Sam’s birthday). Next, they move onto the state of the GOP after Lauren Boebert’s increasingly Islamophobic statements about Ilhan Omar saw an absence of blowback from both sides, and cover Tulsi’s sharp shift to the right as she discusses the Ahmaud Arbery case as proof of a lack of racism in the US. They wrap it up by covering the Omicron variant, the necessary steps Biden should take versus the ones he will, and how his press-release presidency has proved increasingly useless in the eyes of the American public, which they emphasize with a discussion of his Build Back Better plan and the obstruction of the Senate Parliamentarian, who was hired by his own party. They also touch on some special and not-so-special guests for the upcoming MR live show.

And in the Fun Half: David from South Africa discusses global sanctions on his nation, and the absurdity of punishing a nation for having the proper infrastructure to discover new variants – which the US does not – and how this works with the Donald Trump “if we don’t test, there won’t be any issues” argument, as highlighted with a Jeanine Pirro guest. Alexis calls in from the non-ceded Spokane nation on recent fascist platforming going on in the area, including at the comedy club where she worked, and the MR team explores the incredible boost from the third shot, and Nick Fletcher whines to British parliament about being a man. Roy from the Country calls in to discuss the problematic connections between judges and landlords, and Eyo calls in to tackle some hard issues in the current civil war between Tigray and Ethiopia, before Sam and Emma explore the spirit of Thanksgiving coming together with the Dave Rubin Jimmy Dore reconnection, plus, your calls and IMs!

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