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Sam and Emma break down a big week in news as election results come in from Tuesday's big races in New Jersey and Virginia!

Sam and Emma break down a big week in news as election results come in from Tuesday's big races in New Jersey and Virginia, and across the nation. They begin with the Democratic disappointment in VA, and how party leadership is working to shift this loss onto the progressives, despite McAuliffe’s complete lack of progressive policies, also looking at the demographic shifts between 2020 and 2022, and how the focus on education and economy wound up bolstering the Republican CRT culture war. They also dive into the wins the Democratic establishment did see against progressives, looking at the massive financial movement behind Byron Brown’s win in Buffalo, and the mediocre Minneapolis proposition to amending the police department that appealed to neither abolitionists nor reformists. Next, they jump into referendums nationwide, exploring NY’s right to clean air and water proposition, St. Paul’s rent control success, and Tucson winning a $15 minimum wage, before touching on the failure of voting rights propositions in NY. Lastly, they look into the growing role of the Supreme Court, discussing what makes a landmark case different, why that makes Citizen’s United about much more than advertising, and why it could create massive repercussions for the Supreme Court’s non-delegation case. They also cover updates on Build Back Better’s drug pricing deal, Rahm Emmanuel’s federally-funded vacation finally being sunk, and the first intra-species transmission of covid.

And in the Fun Half: Adrian Martinez of the Costa Rican climate organization La Ruta del Clima joins from COP 26 to discuss the continued exclusion of the global south and its activists from the discussion around climate transformation and reciprocity, despite them largely being the recipients of the global north's climate “externalities” (disasters). Sam and Emma dive deeper into the masochism of today’s fun half by hypothesizing on the manner of transmission of covid from human to deer and looking at Steve Scalise’s statement on the Right’s climate plan, before things get a little lighter as they celebrate Emma's anniversary with MR, cover the overwhelming progressive wins in Worcester and Boston, MA, the likelihood of SCOTUS striking down Texas’ vigilante Abortion ban, and hold the quintessential “Fuck Rahm Emmanuel” segment of the show, plus, your calls and IMs!

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