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Sam and Emma host Pascal Robert of the This is Revolution podcast to discuss the Moïse assassination in Haiti as a product of neoliberalism and colonialism, before they touch on the US’s foreign policy role in the Caribbean, and what Eric Adams’s Democratic primary victory means for progressive democrats moving forward. Emma, Sam, and Pascal start with the context for the Western occupation of Haiti, starting with the Haitian Revolution that forced the French, Spanish, and British armies off of the Island after centuries of brutal enslavement and abuse under settler-colonialism, with attempts by the French to reclaim the country continuing into the 19th Century. Next, Robert walks us through the U.S.’ role as one of the biggest beneficiaries of Haitian independence, with the Louisiana Purchase stemming as a direct result, and how we took advantage of the continued inequality and lack of colonial power with an occupation of Haiti from 1915-34, extracting what resources we could, and a return to colonial practices under neoliberalism, with U.S. backed Dictators as the only leaders with any prolonged stay in office since the Regan administration. They wrap up the interview by looking into how the assassination of Moïse came to be, stemming from conflict with a largely non-Haitian Oligarchical class that the U.S. likely could not stand by any longer, and Pascal Roberts discusses the importance of the Black and Creole middle classes in how the country moves forwards. Sam and Emma round out the first half with Steve Schmidt’s return to his strategy of using terrorism to turn a profit – first with 9/11, and now 1/6.

And in the Fun Half: Loudnie from Montreal calls in to explore the roles of the US and UN in Haiti over the last couple of decades, Ellis from FL asks a few questions on the upcoming infrastructure bill that don’t quite have answers, and Sam and Emma watch Tucker Carlson hit all of his favorite topics, from the Nationalistic hubris he and Jesse Waters show in the face of the mass displacement and genocide of Indigenous Americans, to declaring that promoting the vaccine is Eugenics (but not the kind he supports) just months after declaring that giving the vaccine to poor folks but not wealthy was also Eugenics. Then, Alacrity from Alabama explains why slavery was wrong actually because it WASN’T useful to Capitalists, despite all of the free labor, since it delayed the technological developments of the Industrial Revolution, which was funded by profits from… the slave trade, Josh from Chicago looks into the wins the left had in NY Primaries, even outside of the DSA, and Nancy Pelosi does whatever she can to avoid promoting medicare or party unity, plus, your calls and IMs!

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