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Sam and Emma host Ryan Grim, DC Bureau Chief at the Intercept, to discuss this week's top stories including the bipartisan infrastructure deal, Pelosi and Schumer's play for reconciliation bills, and more, plus, legendary comedian David Cross joins in the Fun Half. Ryan helps walk Emma and Sam through what these second hundred days of Biden’s administration might look like; they explore how the Senate schedule will play out with the recent developments in the bipartisan Infrastructure Bill and what the reconciliation process might look like. Next, they look into the Republican’s obstruction options and how the gang of ten deal with reconciliation just down the line has put Mitch McConnell in a tough spot, before they look into how the recent developments have eased a bit of the pressure on the bipartisan nuts like Manchin and Sinema, and what Manchin’s voting bill might look like. Ryan, Emma, and Sam also cover progressives’ role in the matter, how Bernie’s 6 trillion marker has given the Democrats more wiggle room, and AOC’s position on voting without a reconciliation bill at the ready. They round out the interview touching on taking a structural view of U.S. politics and how Biden might actually serve a transformative role if the neoliberal hegemonic order is really coming to a close. Emma and Sam also cover the massive impact vaccinations have had in lowering COVID death rates and spectate Biden’s bipartisan deal announcement.

And in the Fun Half: Body Language Expert David Cross joins Sam and Emma to look into the elements of the H3 debate that were previously left unsaid. He walks us through Stephen Crowder’s petulancy, segregationist gesticulation, and inclination towards the fantastical when it comes to debating real-world issues. Then, Mitt Romney gets jealous of Sinema’s and Manchin’s bipartisan spotlight, Tucker Carlson sites another racial scientist in his crusade against Critical Race Theory, and Dick Morris explores he and his friends’ sexual inclination towards their mothers in a vulnerable interview on Fox. They round out the fun half with the absurdity of Joy Reid coming at Laura Ingram for wanting to defund the military, plus, your calls and IMs!

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