The Majority Report with Sam Seder

Emma hosts Edo Konrad, Editor-in-Chief of +972 Magazine, to discuss the rise and success of the Irsraeli right and last week’s election results. Edo begins by explaining the political failure of centrist left candidate Benny Gantz and his decision to join Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s right wing coalition in last year's election. Then, Edo dives into Palestinian politics in Israel, explaining the consolidation of the four Palestinian political parties, the disintegration of the Joint List, and Mansour Abbas decision to join Netanyahu’s coalition. Finally, in order to ensure his own political survival, Edo talks about Netanyahu’s dangerous decision to bring Jewish extremism into the fold of his party and the potential long term implications of that political move.


And in the Fun Half: Nomiki tunes in, exploitation in the video game industry, Chuck Schumer wants you to write letters to Joe Biden to cancel student loan debt instead of doing his job, Emma’s done wasting time on Glenn Greenwald, Marjorie Taylor Greene is outraged that liberals are trying to keep Americans safe, Marco Rubio’s wake up call comes in the form of a mariachi band, plus your calls and IMs!


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