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Sam and the crew break down this week's biggest stories including DeJoy's ride at the Postal Service and the Senate's findings on Russia's 2016 election interference. Ben Wikler (@benwikler), Wisconsin Democratic Party Chair, joins the program to discuss the Democrats' unconventional convention.

On today's show: Steve Doocy wonders if Trump will have the economy on his side by November, says economy is good besides staggering unemployment. Colin Powell lays out his life story and says he supports Biden because they have shared values, suggests Biden will bring back foreign policy establishment.

Ben Wikler (@benwikler), Wisconsin Democratic Party Chair, joins the program to discuss the Democrats' unconventional convention. Dems demonstrate diversity in roll call vote. How Covid has impacted the city of Milwaukee wrt the convention. How Scott Walker's smashing of organized labor plus GOP voter suppression could impact the election in WI. Did 2016 see a "surge" for Trump in WI or merely a swing? The latest WI polls. Donate to the Wisconsin Dems at

On the fun half: Bill Clinton says Trump strategies of denial and blame do not work in a crisis, says they "fall like a house of cards." Best endorsement for Biden so far? John Bolton says he won't vote for Trump or Biden. Trump says Michelle Obama was in over her head during DNC speech, admits Covid deaths are going up. Trump explains how he'd save the post office, rambles about package pricing and making Amazon pay for it. A call from a New Jersey letter carrier. Lying about convention rules, Kilmeade says AOC DNC speech showed how progressives have Biden held hostage. Ainsley Earhardt warns of a socialist infiltration if Biden wins in November. Kilmeade says the problem w/ the Postal Service is its business model. Tucker Carlson fearmongers about America's moral culture because of "WAP" song, plays a mostly bleeped Cardi B Instagram video to make his point. 2019 Marjorie Taylor Greene goes to Washington to make Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar take oath on the Bible. 2 days in a row: Trump says he should get 4 more years after 4 more years because Obama spied on him in 2016. Saagar Enjeti lies about what's going on with the USPS. Plus, your calls and IMs!

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