The Majority Report with Sam Seder

On today's show: The Majority Report begins its look back at the career of Michael Brooks starting with Brooks' June 2015 interview with Mark Ames about Seymour Hersh, corporate muckraking, and the dangers private corporations pose to a free press.

TP USA co-founder dies of Covid the day after organization posts anti-mask meme. Previously: Charlie Kirk rails against mandatory mask-wearing.

On the fun half: Cuomo threatens to hike MTA fares again to make up for budgetary shortfalls. Bill De Blasio says unmarked car arrest is not like Portland. Kevin McCarthy has a Freudian slip, calls Louie Gohmert "Congressman Covid." Gohmert tells Hannity he's "all in" on treating his Covid with hydroxychloriquine. Trump says he will not let Dems destroy your beautiful suburbs. Stuart Varney says Trump's right to question election integrity and push for Election Day delay. FL GOP Rep. Greg Steube proposes a Google search conspiracy about Gateway Pundit and SEO shadowbanning. Dave Rubin says "cancel culture is here" re: friend whose sponsor dropped them...then says companies can drop those they don't want to be associated with. Plus your IMs!

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