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Sam hosts David Rohde, executive editor of The New Yorker, to discuss his new book In Deep: The FBI, The CIA, And The Truth About America's 'Deep State' and how presidential power has grown since Nixon.

On today's show: Trump supporter at rally not worried about Covid, says death rate is low, hydroxychloroquine is working.

David Rohde, executive editor of The New Yorker, joins Sam to discuss his new book In Deep: The FBI, The CIA, And The Truth About America's 'Deep State' and how presidential power has grown since Nixon. Where the term "deep state" originated and what it actually means. The different ways liberals and conservatives view the unelected government and military officials who make up the 'deep state.' The history of presidents interacting with (and inappropriately using) the deep state, the reforms of the 1970s, and what's new about Trump, Bannon, and Alex Jones' relationship with it and the conspiracy theories they're selling. How AG Bill Barr is trying to shift the balance of power in US government.

On the fun half: What's up with the polling location closures in KY? Trump says he asked officials to slow testing. Peter Navarro claims Trump was just joking about stifling Covid testing! Trump drinks water with one hand, does incomprehensible comedy routine. Chris Wallace asks Mercedes Schlapp why the Tulsa turnout was so low, Schlapp says it was protest concerns. Brian Kilmeade says you can't criticize Jefferson for having slaves, whole world was doing slavery, says the constitution allowed for American progress. Kilmeade shocked at Teddy Roosevelt statue coming down: "He wasn't even a part of colonialism." Baton Rouge resident & film producer calls out school board member for shopping online during meeting to change name of Robert E Lee HS. Joe Rogan philosophizes about young people protesting against "injustice," claims not to understand. Plus, your calls and IMs!

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