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On today's show, Executive Editor of the American Prospect, David Dayen (@ddayen) joins the Majority Report to premiers the American Prospects new vertical, "The Day One Agenda." In it Dayen and other leading progressive media figures examine how a Democratic president can change the American state of affairs from day one in the executive office without resorting to abusing its authority. Sam and Dayen review some of the actions a Democratic president can take in January 2021 including a public bank option, enforce strong anti-monopoly measures through the FTC, legalizing marijuana, and cancel student debt. Sam and Dayen also discuss the House Democrats decision to begin an official impeachment inquiry, Nancy Pelosi's strategy, and why the Democrats have pivoted away from only concerning the House with "responsible governing." Check out the American Prospect series, The Day One Agenda here. 

And in the Fun Half: White House talking points are out in the open for all of us to see, Sam and Michael share their thoughts on how the impeachment inquiry will play out, Nate Silver reckons with losing his luster, Rudy Giuliani explains why he is the fall man for the Trump administration, flashback to William Barr's testimony on Trump administration investigations, Hogan Gidley tries out the first round of White House talking points to cool impeachment fervor, so does Kevin McCarthy, meanwhile Mark Sanford is in Iowa talking to college students about the national debt and deficit, plus your calls and IMs. 

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Nancy Pelosi announces a formal impeachment inquiry into Trump and progressives demand the Speaker cancel recess to hold a vote as soon as possible. 

Meanwhile, Joe Biden’s poll numbers plunge as Elizabeth Warren takes the lead for the first time in a new national poll.

And lastly, a new UN Climate Report says the future looks pretty terrible for Earth’s oceans


Trump is already fundraising off House Democrats’ announcement of a formal impeachment inquiry. “I’VE DONE NOTHING WRONG. TRUST ME, YOU’LL SEE THE TRANSCRIPT,” the email read.

Politico reports that Tulsi Gabbard and Tom Steyer have qualified for the next Democratic presidential primary debate. Both candidates earned 2 percent support in a new poll in New Hampshire, enough to secure a spot on the stage in Ohio next month.

The Washington Post reports about a half-million students could lose access to free school meals under a Trump administration proposal to limit the number of people who qualify for food stamps. The move is drawing protests from congressional Democrats who say it will harm needy schoolchildren.

And Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker has declared a four-month ban on the sale of any vaping products in the state on Tuesday, The Boston Globe reports. The ban, which is believed to be the first state-wide one in the U.S., will reportedly apply to sales of tobacco and marijuana e-cigarettes, and will take effect immediately. 

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