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Joining Michael Brooks today on the Majority Report is Daniel Bessner (@dbessner) to discuss his latest piece in the New Republic, "The Fog of Intervention." In it, Bessner explores Samantha Power's new memoir and diplomatic career leading Obama's foreign policy at the United Nations.

On today's show: Trump says vaping is dangerous and Melania has a son "together."

Daniel Bessner (@dbessner) joins us to discuss his latest piece in the New Republic, "The Fog of Intervention." In it, Bessner explores Samantha Power's new memoir and diplomatic career leading Obama's foreign policy at the United Nations. In her book, "A Problem From Hell: America in the Age of Genocide," she laid out the case for a kind of humanitarian interventionism that led to some of the worst foreign policy disasters in the Obama administration. Bessner lays out the problems with her approach and concludes with a few points on how Bernie Sanders' foreign policy presents a true vision of anti-imperialism.

On the fun half: Morning Joe endorses Biden because of electability: "best bet." Natural resources defense council staffer explains the water crisis in Newark. Brian Kilmeade says college sports are over if athletes get paid. Palestinian human rights attorney explains Israeli annexation plans. Tulsi "both sides" the situation in Kashmir. Stuart Varney says Warren would redistribute aid to workers.

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North Carolina Republicans take exploiting 9/11 to a new low as the vote to override a budget veto in half-empty Assembly during a September 11th remembrance.

Meanwhile, the Daily Beast reports that Trump is thinking about giving a $15 billion bailout to Iran. I think I can actually hear John Bolton’s head exploding.

And lastly, the Israeli government is accused of planting a mysterious spy devices near the White House in order to capture Donald Trump’s cell phone contents. 


Newsweek reports that ICE is building a state-of-the-art urban warfare training facility that will simulate homes in Chicago and the Arizona area. 

The Supreme Court says Trump block migrant asylum claims at the border. Now, in order for Central American migrants to apply for asylum, they must now apply — and be denied — asylum in Mexico first.

CNN reports the Trump administration is considering destroying homeless encampments in California and moving residents to “facilities”. A group of White House officials are on what the call a “fact-finding trip” in Los Angeles this week.

And Bernie Sanders leads Joe Biden in New Hampshire, according to a new Franklin Pierce University-Boston Herald poll released on Wednesday. The poll shows that 29 percent of likely Democratic voters in the first primary state said they support the Sanders, while 21 percent are backing Biden and 17 percent in favor of Elizabeth Warren.

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