The Majority Report with Sam Seder

Heather "Digby" Parton (@digby56) from Hullabaloo and and comedian Judy Gold (@JewdyGold) join Sam to discuss the week in news.

On today's show: Supercut of Stephen Crowder's homophobic rants against gay Vox journalist Carlos Maza.

Heather 'Digby' Parton (@digby56) joins us to break down the news, including Mueller's press conference and the Democrats' cowardice. They don't want to impeach but have no alternate plan. What gives?

Michael Brooks calls in from his silent meditation retreat.

Judy Gold (@JewdyGold) joins us for our semi-regular catharsis. Where are the Democrats' balls? Meghan McCain says it's troublesome if there's a culture of hiding USS John McCain patches in the military. A discussion of Judy's new book, "Yes I Can Say That: And F*ck U If U Can't Take a Joke."

On the fun half: Bill Barr says he can so exonerate the president. Lou Dobbs reads Trump's mindless tariff tweet a few times as his brain ossifies. Elizabeth Warren explains wealth tax to "The View" audience. Bernie defends his efforts to get Hilary elected in 2016 after town hall participant calls him out. Megachurch pastor Kenneth Copeland can't explain why he should have a private jet. Gorka is mad about Mueller's press conference: "a disgrace to the uniform he once wore." A caller gives his perspective on religion and politics in the South.

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